Would you like to host a Barre Connect™ training workshop at your studio or health club?


Host a 1-Day Certification Workshop and bring a dynamic barre workout to your clients and members. Details are below, we look forward to hearing from you!


* The certification travels with the instructor.  Only certified Barre Connect instructors are allowed to teach a Barre Connect class.


* A minimun of 9 registered participants are required. With 9 participants, host facility receives 1 complimentary spot. If less than 9 partipants, a free spot will not  be provided.


* Host studio must be equipped with 2-3lb hand weights, body balls, barres are a plus, but not necessary.


* We reserve the right to cancel a course due to low attendance.


* Start-up marketing material provided at additional flat fee to facility.


* Low annual dues to have Barre Connect™ on your schedule and receive marketing tools 


* You become a one-stop shop for your members offering the hottest and most requested class on the market!!





Host An Instructor Certification...